5 Day Magic Your Way Tickets

Buying tickets in bulk is the only way to have a cheap experience at Walt Disney World. The longer that you choose to stay at Walt Disney World, the cheaper that your tickets will be. In This Way, Walt Disney World encourages guests to stay as long as possible by offering great bargains on tickets. When you purchase tickets from a ticket reseller, they are able to pass the savings onto you as well.

A five day Magic Your Way ticket is a great choice for those who are looking to have a comprehensive experience at Walt Disney World. Not only is this more than enough time to enjoy all of the parks, you will have an extra day to go back and revisit your favorite one. This is a great way to have a relaxed and leisurely vacation; if you miss anything on the first day, you can always come back on the last!

Keep in mind that these Magic Your Way tickets are only good for admission to one part per person per day. If you would like to be able to switch between parks, consider purchasing a Park Hopper option, which will allow you to do this. You can also purchase a Waterpark Fun And More edition, which will give you discounted admission to one of Walt Disney World’s wonderful water parks.

Once you have your five-day Magic Your Way tickets in hand, there are many ways in which you could spend your vacation. It is a good idea to do a little bit of planning before you hit the parks so that you know how best you will enjoy your time at Walt Disney World. For your assistance, we have outlined a sample five day itinerary for Walt Disney World below:

  • Day 1. Any vacation at Walt Disney World should begin with the days spent in the Magic Kingdom. This is the park in Walt Disney World which no doubt captures your imagination the most. Start your day off by wandering around the wonderful streets of MainStreet USA, and then take time to check out the new and entertaining Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, which has Captain Jack Sparrow hosting it! You can also give your effort to racing by heading over to Tomorrowland and taking advantage of the Indy Speedway!
  • Day 2.  Head over to the iconic golfball like building that is iconic of Epcot. Learn how automobiles are tested by seeing the Test Track attraction, and then had around the world by taking advantage of the World Showcase and learn about other countries in the process!
  • Day 3.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a great way to learn more about the history of Hollywood and Broadway, as well as explore the magic of animation. Getting up close and personal look about how stunts are performed in movies by checking out the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
  • Day 4.  Animal Kingdom is Disney’s newest park, and there are many awesome and entertaining ways to learn about animals here. The It’s Tough To Be A Bug attraction has been pleasing guests since the Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. You can even climb to the top of Mount Everest here by taking advantage of the Expedition Everest attraction – but beware of the yedi!
  • Day 5.  Pick your favorite park and head back to explore again. For most people, they will want to and their Walt Disney World experience where it began: the Magic Kingdom. Head back to all of the areas that you are unable to spend as much time as you wanted to the first time around. Consider sitting back in a park for moment and watching passerby. This is the last day of your Walt Disney World vacation; make sure to enjoy it!