6 Day Magic Your Way Tickets

Hands down, the cheapest way to create a vacation at Walt Disney World is to purchase your tickets in bulk. The more days that you stay at Walt Disney World, the cheaper that the individual price of tickets are. And considering how wide Walt Disney World is, it is very easy to use a six day Magic Your Way ticket to its fullest.

A six-day trip to Walt Disney World is often considered the perfect amount of time spent at the parks. Having six days to explore the entirety of the parks and the other entertainment opportunities that are offered by the areas around Walt Disney World gives you the chance to explore everything to your leisure. When you have almost a week at Walt Disney World, there is no need to rush!

Keep in mind that when you purchase this six-day Magic Your Way ticket, you will only be able to visit one part per person per day. There are additional add-ons that you can purchase in order to enhance your vacation; for example, purchasing the Park Hopper addition gives you the freedom to visit more than one park in a day. If you like to keep your variety high, consider this when you are purchasing your Walt Disney World tickets. Also remember that there are different price levels for adults and children; make sure that you explore all of the discount options available to you when you are deciding which ticket to purchase.

Once you have your six-day Magic Your Way ticket in hand, there are a variety of ways with which you can spend your vacation. We have laid out a simple itinerary for you to give you some ideas when it comes to planning:

  • Day 1. The first day of every Walt Disney World vacation should begin in the Magic Kingdom. This park is sure to capture the imagination of both adults and children alike. Make sure that you visit Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and ride It’s a Small World!
  • Day 2. Day 2 should take you on a fun and exciting trip to Epcot. The World Showcase allows you to travel the world by means of Walt Disney World civilians, and you will surely learn much about cultures near and far by participating.
  • Day 3. Visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios gives you the opportunity to check out making videos and animation behind-the-scenes. Check out the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and Muppets 3-D.
  • Day 4.  Day four takes you to the new and exciting Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Don’t forget to check out Dinoland USA for an exciting look about everybody’s favorite reptilian giants.
  • Day 5.  Head back to the Magic Kingdom to be able to revisit areas that you enjoyed on the first day, and take a more leisurely approach to the attractions that you have not seen. We recommend people watching!
  • Day 6.  Heading back to Epcot allows you time to check out the awesome stores that are in this park. Also check out Innovations, which allows you to build your own robot!