Magic Your Way No Expiration Tickets

Magic Your Way No Expiration TicketsEven while visiting the Most Magical Place On Earth, things can change back in the world of our everyday lives that make it hard for us to enjoy our vacation to the fullest. Sometimes, you might have to leave Walt Disney World early for whatever reason. Or maybe you’d prefer to buy days in bulk and use them at your leisure while you’re enjoying Florida and Walt Disney World. Who says that you should have to purchase all the days of your Walt Disney World vacation and use them all in one fell swoop?

For those who would prefer a more staggered vacation or who are unsure if they will be able to use the entirely of their Magic Your Way Tickets in one sitting, the No Expiration option is for you. The regular Magic Your Way Tickets will expire 14 days after the ticket is originally used. This means that if you only get 5 days into a 10 day vacation and you have to leave the parks for whatever reason, you only have 14 days from the date you entered the park in order to use the duration of the ticket.

The No Expiration tickets are pretty self-explanatory in their scope – they never expire. With this ticket, even if you only visit the park for five days and don’t come back for years, the tickets will still remain valid. For the ultimate in date flexibility – or if plans change – be sure to check out the No Expiration option for your Magic Your Way Ticket. Also, never fear being caught in the lurch without this option – even if you opt out of No Expiration Tickets originally, you can choose to purchase this as an add on at a later date if your plans end up changing!

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