10 Day Magic Your Way Base Tickets With No Expiration

There are many ways to enjoy a vacation at Walt Disney World. Some people will want to spend time at the many water parks that Walt Disney World has, and thus purchasing a ticket that has the Water Park Fun & More addition is a wise choice that will maximize fun and save money at the same time. For those who think that they would like to visit the park multiple times over the course of a year, purchasing a Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration may be a wise option for you.

Purchasing a Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration will allow you and your family to visit one Park per person per day but the ticket will never expire. Most Walt Disney World tickets expire within 14 days of their first use, which makes them unsuitable for multiple trips to the park over time. However, purchasing tickets ahead of time can help lock in prices and make the overall trip to Walt Disney World much less expensive. It can also help you if an unforeseen emergency pops up and you must leave the park to come back at a later date.

Below is an itinerary for a 10 day vacation which uses the Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration.

  • Day 1. All Walt Disney World vacations should begin at the Magic Kingdom. Make sure to walk around Cinderella’s Castle, and spend time with Mickey Mouse.
  • Day 2. Headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the second day to learn about movie magic and stunts with the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.
  • Day 3. Heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a good choice on day three. Make sure to get to the park early to see the animals at the beginning of the day.
  • Day 4. Heading to Epcot is a great choice for those who wish to learn about current innovations. Check out Future World to see what some of the greatest minds in technology are thinking about.
  • Day 5. Halfway through your Walt Disney World trip, head back to the Magic Kingdom to see It’s a Small World as well as hang out with the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Day 6. If you have the inclination, headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and make sure to participate in the Wild Africa Trek. It will get you closer to amazing animals than you’ve ever been before.
  • Day 7. On the seventh day, make sure to go around the world at Epcot with the World Showcase. The restaurants here are excellent, as well.
  • Day 8. Head back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see some incredible items from previous live action Disney movies as well as learn about the history of animation. You can also check out Muppets 3D.
  • Day 9. Make sure to head to the Magic Kingdom on the night of the ninth day so that you can check out the amazing fireworks show held here called Wishes.
  • Day 10. Finish up your Walt Disney World vacation by picking your favorite park. Don’t forget to purchase souvenirs!