5 Day Magic Your Way Base Tickets With No Expiration

Sometimes, you might not know how long you’ll be able to stay at Walt Disney World.  For those who are worried about making their vacation a straight-shot through, consider the Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration option.  This wonderful ticket will allow you to visit one park per person per day – but there’s no expiration date on the ticket!

Most Walt Disney World tickets will expire within 14 days of the ticket being used, regardless whether or not you used all the days on the ticket.  With the Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration option, however, the days listed on the ticket are good forever.  Many people who know that they will be repeat vacationers to Walt Disney World buy these tickets in advance so that they can use them in future years and save money, since ticket prices do tend to rise year after year.

In order to best enjoy your Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration tickets, make sure that you make an itinerary for the parks before you go.  Knowing what parks that you’ll hit on what days will go a long way toward making your vacation that much more fun and relaxing.  Check out the sample itinerary below and remember to relax when you’re on vacation!

  • Day 1. The first day at Walt Disney World should take place at the Magic Kingdom.  Make sure to hobnob with Mickey Mouse and check out Main Street USA.  After, walk up to Cinderella’s Castle, and discover that dreams really do come true!  Don’t forget about the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dumbo ride!
  • Day 2. Slide over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to learn more about the magic of movies.  You can check out Muppets 3D, and see some incredible props from old Disney movies.  See the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular to learn more about how movies pull off incredible stunts!
  • Day 3. Head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to get a more up close and personal look at animals than ever before.  You can also sign up for the Wild Africa Trek to get super close and create memories that will no doubt last a lifetime.  You can even see a performance of the Lion King here!
  • Day 4. At Epcot, you can learn more about technological innovations by checking out Future World.  Don’t forget about the World Showcase, where you can visit different pavilions that are designed to inspire and educate about a variety of different countries.
  • Day 5.  Spend your last day at Walt Disney World revisiting your favorite park.  (Most pick the Magic Kingdom, particularly since the Magic Kingdom has a wonderful fireworks show entitled Wishes which will knock you off your feet.)  Don’t forget to pick up souvenirs!

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a great vacation.  Remember that with the Magic Your Way Base Ticket With No Expiration option, you can always leave the park in the middle of your vacation and come back at a later date.  This is a great way to add some extra flexibility and security to your trip to Walt Disney World!