4 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets With No Expiration

When you schedule your vacation to Walt Disney World, you will notice that there are many different ticket options to choose from. You can choose to purchase the traditional Magic Your Way ticket, or you could choose to purchase from a number of different options. One option that you can add to your ticket is the Park Hopper option, which allows you to visit more than one park per person per day.

Another option that may be available to you is purchasing a no expiration ticket. Most Walt Disney World tickets will expire within 14 days of their first use. However, with a no expiration option, your tickets will never expire. For those who would like the best of both worlds, make sure to check out the Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket With No Expiration.

With this ticket, you can visit as many parks per day as you would like, and the ticket will never expire. Below is a sample itinerary for four days spent in Walt Disney World with a Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket With No Expiration.

  • Day 1. On your first day, head to the Magic Kingdom in the morning to ride the teacups and hang out with Mickey Mouse in Main Street USA. In the afternoon, consider heading to Epcot to check out the latest innovations from technological masters in Future World.
  • Day 2. On the second day, you can learn more about how stones are done in movies by heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and watching the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. In the afternoon, head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to end the day by watching The Lion King and watching the animals head to bed.
  • Day 3. On the morning of day three, head back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and consider taking the Wild Africa Trek to learn more about exotic animals and get closer than you ever thought possible. Head to the Magic Kingdom at the end of day three so that you can check out the fireworks show at the end of the day.
  • Day 4. On your last day, pick your favorite park and make sure to enjoy. Remember that with the Park Hopper addition you could even visit all four in the same day if you are feeling ambitious. Don’t forget to purchase souvenirs to remember your trip by!

Also remember that with the no expiration option, you can visit Walt Disney World for two days and then come back at any point in the future to finish up your ticket. The no expiration option is also a good idea for those who know that they will be coming back to Walt Disney World in the future. Purchasing the tickets ahead of time allows you to lock in the price, which can result in some serious savings as Walt Disney World tends to raise ticket prices every year.

With the many different options that Walt Disney World gives you when it comes to purchasing tickets, it is entirely possible to craft the perfect vacation for you.

3 thoughts on “4 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets With No Expiration”

    1. This is a very confusing site to follow, I just want to know how much tickets are for a day at the parks. I and 2 other adults and a child will be coming to the park on 12/29/16 and 12/30/16 staying at a hotel outside of the gate. We may also want to go in on 12/31/16 also, but trying to figure out how much tickets are is getting ridiculous.

      How much is a two day or three day pass for adults and child for those dates? Make them park hoppers or please give me price for hopper and for just the park not water parks, please.

      Thank you

  1. I just found 2 “4-day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets” which I had misplaced sometime ago (2005). I can’t find any expiration date on the ticket. I’m pretty sure I only used them for 2 days at that time. Does it meant they’re still valid if I want to use them?

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