Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets

Magic Your Way Park Hopper TicketsThe Magic Your Way Parker Hopper Tickets are the next step up from the Base Tickets. When you purchase your Disney Tickets with the Park Hooper option it allows you to visit multiple parks in the same day. The Base tickets allow you to visit different parks on different days, but if you want the flexibility to move around between parks at your leisure then the Park Hopper tickets are for you!

The Magic Your Way Park Hopper tickets are the most popular tickets sold because for only slight increase in cost it allows your to maximize your time during your vacation and not have to worry about where you can and can’t go on specific days. You can pack in as much as you want every day and not have to worry about any restrictions.

These tickets are sold for the pleasure of Disney-goers who want the utmost in flexibility for money paid. Park Hopper tickets are also the most popular of the Magic Your Way options, with most Disney visitors opting to pay a little more on the initial cost of their ticket so they can visit as many parks as they would like in a given day.

And that, is, of course, the entire draw of Park Hopper tickets – with one of these in your hands, your entire family can visit as many Disney theme parks as you would like in one day. These are especially popular for those who are only planning to spend one or two days in the magic of Disney World – this way, you can make the most of your time and see many different parks, as opposed to being consigned to a single option with the traditional Magic Your Way tickets.

Of course, the Magic Your Way Park Hopper Option isn’t merely for those who are short on time. Many visitors who are staying at the park for a week or more find the Park Hopper tickets offer them greater enjoyment due to the freedom. It’s especially popular for families; perhaps in the morning the entire family would enjoy a visit to Epcot, but after the kids are put to bed, maybe Mom and Dad would like to sample what the Magic Kingdom can offer late at night for their more mature clientele. With Magic Your Way Park Hopper tickets, the possibilities are endless!