3 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets

If you are planning to have a short trip to Walt Disney World, it is a very good idea to purchase Magic Your Way With Park Hopper Option. What a Park Hopper Option does for you is it allows you access to more than one part per person per day. This is in contrast with the traditional Magic Your Way base tickets, which will only allow you to enter one park per day. Having the Park Hopper Option allows you greater flexibility when planning your Walt Disney World vacation, and it will also give you the ability to fit more into less time.

Remember that when you are working with the Magic Your Way With Park Hopper Option ticket, it is important to not stress too much about seeing everything that you can. Walt Disney World is a giant place, and seeing everything in three days is impossible even with a Park Hopper Option. The key to having a wonderful vacation when you purchase the three day Magic Your Way With Park Hopper Option ticket is careful planning. When you have a great itinerary laid out for your trip, you can arrive and follow the plan. Remember not to overburden yourself with things that you must do when you are on your vacation. It is easy to get stressed out at Walt Disney World, but with the right amount of planning and forethought you can have a wonderful and magical time.

To help you with planning for your three-day Magic Your Way With Park Hopper Option ticket, we have included a sample itinerary below to help you get started.

  • Day 1. It’s always a good idea to start your Walt Disney World vacation at the Magic Kingdom. While visiting the Magic Kingdom you can walk down Main Street USA and enjoy the many different attractions like Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. In the afternoon, take the monorail and head over to Epcot, where you can use the World Showcase in order to travel around the world in less time than you ever thought possible!
  • Day 2. Head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can start off the day by checking out Muppets 3-D or the Rock n’ Roller Coaster that stars Aerosmith.  The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular will allow you to see how stunts are performed in live-action sets. In the afternoon, you can head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to embark on a safari through the savanna with the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition.
  • Day 3.  Date three should be spent heading back to the parks and attractions that you enjoyed most from day one and two. Since you have had experience in all of the parks, you will be able to know which ones are worthy of a quick revisit before your vacation ends. We do recommend taking advantage of the wonderful restaurant opportunities at Epcot, however, if you like to eat!