Main Street USA

Main Street USA Disney WorldMain Street USA is probably the most iconic of all the Walt Disney World “themed parks.” Every Walt Disney World around the world has one of these featuring in the park, and for the vast majority of those Walt Disney Worlds it’s the first themed park that visitors encounter.

Main Street USA all across the world features a sweeping vista of Cinderella Castle in the distance. It’s also home to Walt Disney World’s “City Hall,” which is the Guest Relations center. The windows of Main Street USA feature the names of the people who were instrumental in the creation of Walt Disney World, usually painted in as fictional businesses.

The Main Street USA in the American Disney World draws its architectural inspiration from everywhere in the country, from New England to the Midwest. There’s a “four corners” area, which showcases particular architectural styles unique to each area of the country. The buildings also use “forced perspective,” a clever building style that makes the buildings look bigger than they actually are.

There aren’t too many attractions in Main Street USA itself – it’s intended to be like an “opening credits” to the park, with interesting and playful architecture and false businesses. The main attractions here are the Main Street Vehicles and the Walt Disney World Railroad – every Walt Disney World Main Street USA has a train station in it, with the exception of Tokyo Disney World.

If you’re hungry while wandering Main Street USA, however, there are plenty of vendors to slake your need. These include Casey’s Corner, Main Street Bakery, The Crystal Palace, The Plaza Restaurant, and more.