Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Mickey's ToonTown Fair Magic Kingdom Disney WorldMickey’s Toontown Fair is one of the “themed lands” at Walt Disney World. Several different sections of the Magic Kingdom are divided into these lands, each with a different theme.

Originally, Mickey’s Toontown Fair was inspired by the incredible success of Disney’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The first plans even included Roger Rabbit having his own themed land called “Hollywoodland,” but plans had to be cut back after a few of Disney’s European operations failed and funding was cut. At the same time that Hollywoodland was on the drawing boards, Walt Disney World was building a section of Fantasyland that was to be named Mickey’s Birthday land, in honor of the Mouse’s sixtieth year in existence. When funding turned out to be much less than originally anticipated, Hollywoodland and Mickey’s Birthdayland were combined to become Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

The concept behind Mickey’s Toontown Fair is that it’s a holiday resort for the Disney characters that reside in Mickey’s Toontown in California. Consequently, the park had a resort type feel to it, with plenty of things for visitors to do and see.

However, as of now, Mickey’s Toontown Fair has closed. Mickey’s Toontown Fair was shut down in February of 2011 in order to make room for the Fantasyland expansions. While Mickey’s Toontown Fair now looks to be one for the history books, it left a legacy of nearly thirty years of wonderful experiences for those who visited it.

Also, don’t worry too much if Mickey’s Toontown Fair had some of your favorite Disney attractions. Many of the most popular attractions will remain in place while the rest of the park gets a facelift.