The Oasis at Disney World's Animal KingdomThe Oasis is where it all begins when you enter the Animal Kingdom and get ready for your adventure into the wilds. This is the very first area you’ll see after entering the park, and its main function is to provide guest services in order to make your time in the Animal Kingdom more enjoyable. If you or any of your party members require special assistance of any sort, the Oasis is where you’ll set up arrangements.

In addition to the guest services, the Oasis also features a number of animal habitats in order to wet your whistle for the secrets that lie within the park. At the Oasis you can see wallabies, ducks, spoonbills, muntjacs, giant anteaters and more – and this is only the entrance of the park!

The Rainforest Café is also located in the Oasis. Technically, this café is not part of the park itself – customers can enter both from within the park and outside it. Anybody can dine at the Rainforest Café. The thing to keep in mind is that if you are entering the Rainforest Café from the park side, you will need to present your tickets to the guard in order to re-enter the park, as the Rainforest Café is technically outside of the park’s boundaries. Remember to pay attention to your tickets if you decide to eat at the Rainforest Café!

The Oasis is the beginning of your magical adventure to meet the animals. In all likelihood, you’ll spend five or ten minutes here at the beginning of your trip and at the end, but it’s important to know that if you need extra assistance – or even a bite to eat – the Oasis is the place to make it happen.