One Man’s Dream

One Man's Dream at Disney World's Hollywood StudiosMany people come to Walt Disney World and get lost in the magic of the experience. This is, in fact, the entire point of going to visit Walt Disney World – the park invites you to come and explore your inner child, to come and bring your own children to open their eyes to the magic of Disney. Walt Disney World is a playground for kids of all ages, and it’s definitely become a staple of general Americana.

But what most people don’t think too much about is the man behind the magic, Walt Disney himself. One Man’s Dream, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is a small historical attraction dedicated to laying out the story of the man behind the magic. Who, exactly, was Walt Disney, and what were the steps he took to create the giant cartoon empire and fantasy land that we all know and love so well today?

For those who have ever been interested or curious, One Man’s Dream is a great place to stop for a couple of moments while enjoying your time in Walt Disney World. The exhibit showcases the life and times of Walt Disney, and even includes some previously unseen footage – like Walt talking about the creation of Mickey Mouse. There are also a number of artifacts for viewing, including a model of Main Street USA from Disneyland, the Oscar won for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, and Walt’s actual office from Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

Be sure to learn more about the man behind the magic on your trip. It’ll give you a greater appreciation for his brilliance!