Rafiki's Planet Watch

Rafiki's Planet WatchThis is the one area of Anima Kingdom that does not begin on Discovery Island – rather; Rafiki’s Planet Watch is an offshoot of the Africa section. Guests who are looking to learn more about the habitat and conservation of wild animals will board the aptly named Wildlife Express Train and take a short journey to Planet Watch, which has three areas for visitors to explore.

The first section is called “Habitat Habit!” where guests can see cottontop tamarins and learn more about both these fascinating animals and the efforts being made to protect their natural habitat in the wild. In addition to learning about the habitats of animals across the globe, visitors can learn ways to create inviting animal habitats around their own homes so that they can bolster the natural wildlife in their home areas.

The second section is named “Conservation Station” and it chronicles the efforts of the Walt Disney Company when it comes to considering the habitats of animals all around the world. This part of the park also gives visitors the chance to get a glimpse of the veterinary facilities that the Animal Kingdom has; this area even has a two-way radio set up in the veterinary facility so that guests can ask questions of the staff and get real answers from the experts.

After all of that learning, it’s time to relax a little bit with the “Affection Section,” where guests can pet ghosts, sheep, and other domesticated animals. After, it’s a short ride back to Africa, where you can easily access Discovery Island and get on with your animal adventures!