Sounds Dangerous

Sounds DangerousSounds Dangerous is an audio adventure that can be found in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios section of Walt Disney World. The duration of the ride is 12 minutes long – though, to be honest, calling it a ride is a little bit of a misnomer.

Sounds Dangerous is an audio adventure that uses the power of sound (as well as limited visuals) to bring the audience deep into the storyline. The actual show is “hosted” by Drew Carey, the comedian. The presentation is inside an ABC soundstage with theater-style seating. When guests enter the attraction, they are told that they’re going to see a sample of a test pilot show called Undercover Live. At this point, guests are given headphones and are in the dark for the majority of the attraction.

In the “pilot show,” Drew Carey plays an undercover detective named Foster, and the sound show unfolds from here.

As of 2009, Sounds Dangerous is a seasonal show, typically operating only during the high tourist seasons. You can tell when the attraction is not open since the image of Drew Carey will be removed from the top of the building and the screen at the front of the attraction will be turned off. The great part about Sounds Dangerous is that it’s nearly always an easy attraction to get into, as much as it’s overshadowed by other rides in the area. Despite the fact that it gets less attention, however, is no reason why you shouldn’t give Sounds Dangerous a try – you’ll be amazed at how amazing the application of sound really can be!