Star Tours

Star Tours at Disney World's Hollywood StudiosStar Tours is probably one of the more well known attractions at Walt Disney World, given that it’s held a place of prominence at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 1987. Unfortunately, the attraction is currently closed in anticipation of renovation. There have been no direct announcements regarding when the attraction will open again, but rumors say that it will be sometime in May of 2011.

The ride itself is a motion simulator, with the storyline and premise based off of the Star Wars series by George Lucas. This is actually the first Disney ride that was inspired by a movie that was not directly produced by Disney. When Star Tours was originally released in 1987, the cost of producing and building it nearly cost twice the amount of money the entire park cost when it opened in 1955. The park celebrated with an incredible 60-hour marathon revolving around the ride – and people even dressed up as characters from the movie for the event!

The new ride is anticipated to make even better on the promises of the first. It will contain new high-definition video on a 3D screen, and have a much more finely tuned motion simulator. The new Star Tours will get you closer to the action in a galaxy far far away than ever before! According to the Disney website, Star Tours is grounded for “reimagining,” but reminds the visitor to get excited for new adventures on the horizon!

Be sure to check back constantly for updates – when Star Tours reopens, you want to be the first to know!