Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon at Disney WorldYet another watery jewel set into the crown of Walt Disney World Parks, Typhoon Lagoon is a great place to visit when you feel like being a little bit shipwrecked. Typhoon Lagoon opened its doors to visitors on June 1, 1989, and has been thrilling visitors ever since with the largest wave pool in the world. It’s been thrilling visitors so much that they keep coming back and telling their friends – Typhoon Lagoon is the world’s most visited water park.

The theme and story behind Typhoon Lagoon centers around a typhoon that both named the park and “decorated” it. The park itself is “littered” with debris from ships, surfboards, and fishing gear. The park’s centerpiece is “Miss Tilly,” a wrecked shrimp boat impaled upon an artificial mountain entitled “Mount Mayday.” Every half hour a geyser of water shoots out of Miss Tilly while the “bells of the watch” ring, which announces when the wave pool will start producing waves – every thirty minutes the waves are small and bobbing, and every ninety minutes the waves get up to “surf” height, which is almost six feet!

There are other things to do at Typhoon Lagoon, as well. There’s a host of water slides for those who want to take the plunge, there’s a “lazy creek” that circles the entire park and allows revelers to relax and let the current take them away, and there are beaches to sun on and aquariums to view. Whatever you’re looking for out of a water park, you’re sure to find it at Typhoon Lagoon.